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“As a health professional, I 'knew' that 4 minutes is not enough for a full body workout. I was wrong. ROM gets the result as promised including helping with cardio, respiratory and osteoporosis issues.”

“Just like everyone else, I was skeptical when I first heard about the ROM. However, this is the most effective workout machine I have ever reviewed... and regularly use.”

“As a physician specializing in optimizing wellness, the ROM remains my favorite piece of fitness equipment to assist my patients with achieving their highest level of health.”

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Getting – and staying – fit is not about weight loss. A better goal is to lose fat and build muscle.  And you can do it in just 4 minutes a day on the ROM Time Machine.  It’s a challenging workout that promises to increase your metabolism, help you burn fat and build muscle. The revolutionary ROM exercises both upper and lower body. You get a superb anaerobic workout to build balanced muscle mass in, yes, just 4 minutes a day. So, if you’re used to spending an hour at the gym, just think of what you can accomplish with the extra 56 minutes.

They say a well-rounded workout includes 20 minutes of cardio exercise. But what if you could get the same results in 4 minutes? The ROM Time Machine gives you a safe, low impact aerobic workout for optimal cardiovascular conditioning. By increasing your heart rate during your session you’ll improve your heart and lung capacity. Your heart will pump more blood with fewer beats and your lungs will transport more oxygen with less effort. This high tech home gym will add hours to your week and years to your life.

When is the last time you were able to bend at the waist and touch your toes? Flexibility is defined as the allowed range of motion at any given joint throughout the body. The ROM Time Machine’s stretching function guides you through a larger range of motion than most traditional workouts, increasing flexibility and enhancing your physical performance. And with better flexibility comes increased blood flow and nutrient supply to the muscles during sustained physical activity. You’ll notice the difference in your tennis game, your golf swing, and all your favorite sports. And so will your competitors.

The investment that pays you back with a better body and more time.

Most of us agree. Our bodies and time represent our most precious commodities. For 25 years, The ROM has proven itself to thousands of busy people, like you. They know that their investment has been one of the best they've ever made. Why? Because they actually use their ROM machine. Four minutes a day. Every day. Year in and year out. And the extraordinary results speak for themselves.


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No stranger to the fitness equipment business, Alf has always been interested in promoting good health and wellness.  He emigrated to the U.S. from Germany in 1963 and devoted himself to developing his company, Nordic Sauna.   In the mid 70’s he also owned a chain of 25 fitness equipment stores in Southern California.  During that time he connected with the inventor of the ROM machine who asked him to distribute the machine.


Alf who holds a degree in structural engineering from the University of Stockholm, was offered the opportunity to manufacture the ROM, and while skeptical, decided to take it on. “I could see that with extensive changes, we could improve the machine,” he says, so he set about redesigning it. By the end of 1992, the new ROM was introduced.


“Years of research went into the development of the ROM,” says Alf. “The inventor studied body mechanics and looked for the most efficient way to work all muscle groups in the shortest amount of time. Getting past the doubt-factor has been our biggest challenge, but once people try it, they get it.”



Designed to revolutionize the way people exercise, the ROM  – Range of Motion machine – has been attracting a  growing number of fitness fanatics ever since it was introduced in the early 1990’s. Though  it looks more like a modern sculpture than a state-of-the-art at-home fitness machine, the ROM provides a total body workout in just 4 minutes.  The result of precision German engineering, it’s made from solid stainless steel, and hand-assembled in Southern California.


The key to the ROM’s effectiveness is a perfectly balanced 80-pound flywheel which regulates resistance based on a person’s strength and conditioning. The machine offers both push and pull resistance to the upper body, exercising the major muscle groups. A stair-stepping device works the legs.


Units have been sold world-wide including 340 to U.S. medical professionals, celebrities, athletes, and heads of state such as the King of Netherlands, King of Jordan and more.


Who benefits from the ROM?


The ROM is ideal for individuals who are ready to make an investment in their health and well-being but don’t want to spend hours at the gym.


The ROM is also making its way into the workplace as companies  begin to recognize the value of exercise breaks during the workday.  Better than a coffee break, the 4-minute workout refreshes and reinvigorates employees.

German Engineering. USA Built.

Designed Like No Other Workout Machine in the World

"Scientific studies back up

the four-minute claim."

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